WOWBUTTER Foods has developed a School Allergy Awareness Program to help create a safe, happy and united school environment for everyone. It will also help to bridge the allergy education gap that exists between allergic and non-allergic students and families! This education website was developed to teach all parents and students about their responsibility when preparing nutritious school lunches. The goal is to help minimize the risk of food-related anaphylaxis at school. 

It is the responsibility of all parents, all children, the school prinicipal, the classroom teacher, the bus owners and the public health/school nurse to be educated.

This program was also developed to educate parents and students about how to use and send WOWBUTTER IN SCHOOL LUNCHES.

A reaction to a food allergy at school can be very severe, as you will learn. All students, parents, teachers, principals and school boards are encouraged to work together to meet the nutrition needs and safety of ALL students.

What are the steps?

  1. Sign up your family into the system (skip this step if you are already registered).
  2. If you have already created an account, go to the My Account - log-in page to sign into the system.
  3. List all your children, their school and their teachers in Grades K-8 using the forms found on the My Account page.
  4. Parents and children then read the education material.
  5. Parents take the test and successfully pass the test.
  6. Parents again review the material with their children in grades 4-8 and take the test with them.
  7. After successful test completion, go to the My Account page to print off the verification certificate. Print a copy for each child and send a confirmation to each of their respective teachers, or you may email the verification to each individual teacher.
  8. If required by your school, print card sized copies of the verification certificates and add them to the daily school lunches.
  9. Label the lunch with the "Made with WOWBUTTER" identification stickers from the back of the WOWBUTTER jar label when sending WOWBUTTER to school.
  10. Repeat steps 2-9 for each school year beginning September 1st, as the training expires on August 30th of every year.

If you are a teacher or school representative wanting to verify a student's status, you may go directly to the verification page. You can also print all student status' at once for easy class management.

Anyone can review the training without logging into the system by following the training link.

School boards, Principals, Teachers and Parents are all welcome to be proactive and provide their help and support to improve this learning experience.  Please send an email to with constructive suggestions.

Step 1: Begin by creating an account (if you already have an account, go to the log-in page.

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